Gully Cricket Game

Gully Cricket Game Overview

Crazy cricket fans are found everywhere especially in India. Even in several parts of the country players are treated as God. That?s why whether it is played offline or online ? its fans are found in a great number. The gully cricket is a localized version of cricket in the country gaining popularity as a unique version of the game enjoyed in various interior areas and outskirts of the country. This free online cricket game includes three levels and each level ensures to give you huge fun and excitement.
When you play the first level of this brand new flash game, your job is to score 30 runs in three overs. What you waiting for? You have 10 wickets in hand, use your patience and unmatched batting skills to clear this level. Once you are done, get ready to move to the advanced level of the game, also known as the school champion level, in which you will have to score 40 runs in three overs. In the final level, also referred to as the college level, you will be given 50 runs to be scored in the same three overs.
Become a super hitter by just making three consecutive boundaries! Hit two sixes straight after that in order to get the quick attention from your rivals. They will try to make unwanted pressure on your mind. Beat all of them to prove your bating skills and become one of the best cricket players. If your shot reaches the public, you will get around 100 points that would help to win this online sports game.