NPower Test Series Cricket Game



NPower Test Series Cricket Game Overview

Npower Cricket Test Series is an engaging flash game that puts your batting skills to the test as you lead your team to victory in a series of overs.
Try to score as many runs as possible and become the highest scoring team in the UK!
Key Features:
Focus on Batting: Concentrate on the batting aspect of cricket in this ancient flash game, where timing and precision are crucial to achieving a high score.
Intuitive Controls: Use the arrow keys or mouse to bat, predicting the direction of the ball and executing your shots with perfect timing.
Limited Overs: With only 12 overs and 10 wickets, strategize to build an unassailable total and outperform your opponents.

Use your mouse or cursor keys to decide the direction of the ball and time your shots accurately. Your performance in this game relies on perfect timing and quick thinking. Aim to outscore your opponents and post your high score on the leaderboard to compete for the title of the highest-scoring team in the UK.

As you progress through the game, the scoreboard will help you keep track of your progress and assess your performance. Show off your batting prowess and lead your team to victory in this thrilling cricket challenge!

Whether you are a cricket fan or new to the game, Npower Cricket Test Series offers a fun and engaging experience that will put your batting skills to the ultimate test. Step up to the crease, time your shots to perfection, and aim for an unassailable total to claim cricket glory!

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