Super Sixers 2 Game

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Super Sixers 2 Game Overview

Super Sixers 2 is designed to all those who are crazy for today?s fast cricket. Most cricket game lovers now want to see their batsmen hitting the long sixes and fours and surprising their opponent with the splendid batting. When you play this free online cricket game, you are sure to surprise your gaming senses to the fullest. Simulated for the fast paced cricket playing environment, it?s meant for the kids with extreme sport urges. In this exclusively-designed flash game, you as a player will have to score the maximum number of runs at a minimum number of balls given to you.

There is no space for those who are not able to cope up with the fast paced cricket playing environment. Know the ground conditions fast, have a quick look at your opponent and start batting like a cricket legend to ensure your victory in this fabulous online sports game. The quicker you understand how to play this cool flash game, the easier it will become for you to make the maximum usage and take the benefit of the pitch.?

Since having some extra practice is required to play this wonderful brand new cricket game, it could be difficult for you to complete the goal of the game successfully in the first attempt. No one is there to scold you, so you are free to get through various hurdles of the game in several more attempts. You have to clear the set target on certain balls when you play it in real ground conditions. Open your mind while hitting the ball. Losing your wicket may result in losing your game in the end! All the best friends!