Hit and Run Game

Hit and Run Game Overview

The online cricket world is full of possibilities for cricket gaming enthusiasts. With lots of choices available online, Hit and Run is the most preferred one, which is increasingly gaining popularity among kids and adults. The advent of 20-20 games has encouraged the online cricket game lovers to include towards the short cricket form. As a result, everyone knows about this particular game of Hit and Run. In this free online cricket game, you will get a chance to explore the batting and making runs in the shortest time possible. 

A kind of calculative batting session is given to be played in this new cricket game. You can select the game from the two modes ? the Challenger and Survival mode. In both the modes, you would be given five overs or 30 balls in which you will be instructed to make as many points as you can to ensure your victory in the end of this cool flash game. In order to become a robust player or win the game, you will have to earn the points that are more than 50. 

The knock out mode that you can play in the challenger mode is sure to take your online cricket gaming experience to a completely new level. Yes, to ensure your victory, you will have to get participated in the tournament and play with five other international teams. Defeat all the five teams one by one to embark your presence in the final round where you will have to fight with other strong opponent. Score as much as you can for the opponent if you bat first. While, get ready to beat the project score left by your opponent when you bat second.